This Sunday, May 31

Living At Peace With People
Jason Walker

All of us have people in our lives who cause us to be dis-regulated in our emotions. Paul teaches us in Romans 12 to do all that we can to live in peace with everyone. This Sunday, we will explore how God wants to give us peace in our hearts, even when others around us don't have peace in their hearts towards us. The Bible has given us tools for how to relate to people who cause us emotional distress. We don't have to allow our emotions to be determined by other people. We can be free from the power of negative emotions. We can walk in freedom over those negative emotions, in Jesus' name.


Taking a Break on Wednesday Nights

We will be taking a break from our Adult Wednesday night services.  May 20th will be our last Wednesday night, as we go in to the summer season. We will not have services for adults or children from May 27th through July 8th.  However, we WILL continue to have our high school youth meetings each Wednesday night.   Be on the lookout for some exciting summer events, such as a White Sands trip and a Chihuahuas baseball game.

White Sands Trip

On June 28th, after church, we'll be heading to White Sands for an evening of fun and fellowship.  Mark your calendars.  More details soon!

Youth Conference

Our youth (ages 14 -18) will be traveling to Colorado Springs for the "Desperation" conference on July 8-10.  The cost is $250 per person.  Please email Eddy at, or visit for more information.


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